Faraday Consultancy Limited

Faraday Consultancy Limited (FCL) is a private limited company registered in England and Wales, Company Registration Number 2938426 and is owned and managed by Chris Angove.

Clearly a good elevated site for these tower-mounted antennas, directional and omni-directional, near a large population. Services will include digital cellular, digital broadcast and PMR. They are closely spaced therefore with a risk of interference which will need co-operation amongst the service providers and possible extra mitigation measures like filtering and transmitter back-off.

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FCL does not only RF and microwave but high speed digital hardware and simulation as well.


Skilled-Experienced-Committed-Qualified: Hands-On Professional Engineering Support

Faraday Consultancy Limited (FCL) provides professional support services to clients in electrical and electronics engineering. FCL was formed in 1994 and is owned and operated by Chris Angove

Clients to date...

RF and Analogue
Engineering Support
High Speed Digital
Hardware: Hands-On


This is part of a mechanically rotating antenna structure with antennas for primary radar at the bottom and secondary radar at the top.
These are high speed low cost PCBs like might be found at the back of a LCD or plasma display.