Faraday Consultancy Limited
Faraday Consultancy Limited (FCL) is a private limited company registered in England and Wales, Company Registration Number 2938426, and is owned and managed by Chris Angove.

A green (probably FR4) PCB with some standard surface mount components, some leaded electrolytic capacitors and one inductor visible. Possibly a processor IC on the right and some good grounding layout (extensive ground plane and large plated through holes) to meet functional and EMC requirements.

This hill-top terrestrial broadcast station was probably originally for analog TV and FM radio, judging by the building which may have been a transmitter hall. More recently installed antennas are for digital terrestrial TV and radio and digital cellular services. The microwave antennas fitted to the side of the tower are probably point to point backhaul as it would be costly to install underground cables to such an apparently remote site.

Experience and Capabilities

Skilled-Experienced-Committed-Qualified: Hands-On Professional Engineering Support

FCL has experience supporting many different clients in the defence, communications and aerospace sectors.