Faraday Consultancy Limited
Faraday Consultancy Limited (FCL) is a private limited company registered in England and Wales, Company Registration Number 2938426 and is owned and managed by Chris Angove.

An internal view of digital streams passing through an optical fiber perhaps. Is this multimode or monomode?

Achievement History

Some satellite groundstation antennas, mechanically steered, probably operating at microwave frequencies around Ku, K or Ka band for the smaller ones, possibly down to C band for the larger one.

Design and Development

FCL has a proud history of design and development support to many clients including telecommunications, RF and microwave design and radar systems


This schematic is attempting to demonstrate that your mobile device or smartphone will often be in contact with more than one cell-tower antenna. Intelligent phase and delay measurements of the received power should make location of the mobile possible, with more antennas to greater accuracy.

Number Crunching

FCL provides support with good mathematical skills including Matlab 2020b, with 11 separate Matlab 'toolboxes' and other math applications.


A sort of schematic of binary streams passing through the clounds like mass digital communications infrastructure. 'The Cloud' is probably not a good name and may be mis-understood.

Product Upgrades

FCL has experience in upgrading and repairing client's legacy products and has found added value at the same time.


A computer mouse and some books intended to mean sources of information: traditional books and print media and internet based, possibly even cautious use of Wikipedia.

Evidence Gathering

FCL has excellent resources for providing reliable and reputable references covering all of the work undertaken and more.


Glenfinnan Viaduct, West Highland Railway. Unusually for the time in which it was built (1901), it was constructed from concrete as the local schist, a metamorphic rock, was difficult for masons to work so it would have been time consuming and expensive to use (Wikipedia).

Exploit Opportunities

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, add value

The experience that FCL has built up enables it to implement efficiency saving procedures leading to cost reductions and added value.



FCL considers the delivery of high quality, reviewed documentation, issued where appropriate, just as important as the hardware itself.