Chris Angove, Independent Professional Contractor

Chris Angove is a highly experienced and MSc qualified chartered electronics engineer who represents Faraday Consultancy Limited (FCL) as an independent contractor. He has successfully completed many assignments for clients including: UTC Aerospace, Thales Defence and Aerospace, Leonardo MW, Lockheed Martin UK, Safran Power, EADS Astrium, BAE Systems, Cubic Transportation, Plextek, Allen Vanguard UK, Arqiva, Axell Wireless, Motorola and C-MAC Micro Technology. His skills and experience include RF and microwave, high speed digital, communications and radar systems. Project scope has extended from hands-on PCB design and development through to major systems including verification and validation and authorship of a range of controlled documentation.

Achievements summary:


Background   Useful Information    
Who are you and what do you do? S Parameters and Power Gain Definitions (363 KB PDF) Noise Figure of an Attenuator (131 KB PDF)
How can you help my project/company? Smith Charts Tutorial plus Examples (6 MB PDF) S Parameters (120 KB PDF)
Which clients/companies have you supported in the past? Reference Books Transmission Lines (135 KB PDF)
Who is this guy Chris Angove? Interesting Articles with Comments  
Can I have a copy of Chris's CV?   Power Amplifiers   Digital Audio Broadcast
Why should I use your services instead of those from company X?   Fiber Optic Systems   Thermal noise in cascaded stages with examples (120 KB PDF) 
What sort of work have you done for previous companies?   Complex Discrete Fourier Transform Example (117 KB PDF)    Noise and Distortion
What about documentation and note keeping?   Phase Locked Loops   Interesting Landscapes and Pictures
How can you ensure we retain the skills learnt whilst you are with us?   Antenna Fundamentals (513 KB PDF)   Fourier Transforms (248 KB PDF)
How can I be sure of confidentiality?   CDFT of Regular Pulses (176 KB PDF)   High Speed Transmission Lines (919 KB PDF)
What is your company philosophy?   RF Components and Circuit Design   Useful Equations
Do you provide services directly or through an agency?   Overview of LTE/LTE-A (270 KB PDF)   Do you really mean RMS power? (84 KB PDF) 
How much will you charge?   High Speed Digital    
Why can't you give me more details on your work with client X? Global Positioning Systems Synthesizers
What facilities do you have? Low Noise Amplifiers
What policies do you have in place for protection of the environment?   Disclaimer


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