Chris Angove, Independent Professional Engineer

Chris Angove is a highly experienced and MSc qualified chartered electronics engineer specialising in electrical and electronics engineering, represented by Faraday Consultancy Limited (FCL).

He has successfully completed assignments to support the following clients:

Alcatel Networks Leonardo MW Thales DAE Safran Power
EADS Astrium BAE Systems C-MAC Micro Technology Plextek
Allen Vanguard UK Arqiva Axell Wireless Motorola
UTC Aerospace Raytheon Systems Avanti Telecommunications Lockheed Martin UK
ERA Technology ITT Defence Systems Thorn EMI Electronics Nokia Telecommunications
Marconi Radar Systems GEC Marconi Electro-Optics Cable and Wireless Thales UK DAE
Astrium Systems Redifon-MEL Marconi Communications GEC Marconi Communications
Mullard Space Science Thales - Land and Joint Marconi Space Cubic Transportation

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